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Feb 22, 2020 Feb 22, 2020

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In the beginning, when CS was retail, I purchased, for $500, an education version of CS2 as a student. I was running winxp at the time, and life was glorious.


It soon came to pass, that Adobe decided it was time for "improvement". It was decreed that the bridge be destroyed, and that all should be forced under the shadow of the Cloud.


No longer could day to day users, and casual amateurs, be free in the use of their own time and money. Tribute MUST be paid.


Even those who paid in full for a product usable on its own, were denied the right to access thier own earned property.


And Adobe, in all of its knowledge of marketing and maximizing profit at the expense of quality and ethics, devised that those who have no use for its overbloated and clumsy workflow design, could still fall victim to even more insididious and collusive invasion.


They long ago created the PDF format, as well as the flash element, which 20 years of history has shown, has been nothing but a thorn in the side of developers and the consumer base.


It is hard to understand, how such a high profile corporation can maintain success with so many free and better alternatives.


here is the breakdown:


1. photoshop: photoscape

2. dreamweaver: notepad

3. illustrator: coreldraw

4. acrobat: sumatra

5. creativecloud: a server on the internet


it would be nice, if I could still use my CS2 discs. too bad adobe invalidated the serials, its not like end of support matters. try getting through to customer service because you have a receipt that says you paid $500 for a product that would still be working fine on its own, if Adobe didnt do everything in its power to force people to use what is supposed to be an industry standard of excellence. What we have instead, is a megacorporate monopoly monster.


It's time for the public, and professional community, to demand more for their time, effort, and money.


Open source freeware is the wave of the future, and a wave goodbye to industry terrorists like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft


Getting started in Adobe? dont...

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