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Big Lack of Transparency in Creative Cloud

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Apr 18, 2020 Apr 18, 2020

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There's a problem with this Creative Cloud system (specifically with regards to Lightroom) but no one seems to be talking about it.


I've recently been trying to manage my 20GB of Creative Cloud allowance (the 20GB that comes included with a Lightroom/Photoshop subscription). In every cloud - or local - file system, being able to see how much room you have left on the drive seems is a basic feature that tells you A) I've got to spend some cash to get more room, B) I can't add any more files because they won't fit, or C) I've either got to delete some files to make more room.


Adobe makes it very easy to do A and B, but quite difficult to do C. 


I spoke to a rep from Adobe about this a little while ago about this.


When I was using Lightroom, the app would show a little cloud icon with a warning sign saying 18.1 of 20GB used (gasp!). I tried to find the culprit Lightroom files that were eating my CC drive space, but after much searching, I couldn't find an exact - or even vague - figure. After calling Adobe's helpline, they apologetically told me that I, as the consumer, didn't have access to that information. I asked them if they did, "Yes", they said, "I have the number in front of me".


I know that Adobe is run by its shareholders, but even in an era of unprecedented corporate greed, this 'gray area of ethical practice' really ruffles my feathers. I'm asking on behalf of all Adobe CC subscribers to simply have more control over my files in my Creative Cloud drive. Let us have easily viewable access to file sizes within the top folder structure so that we can simply choose whether we want to make room or pay more to upgrade. Forcing the decision upon your customers isn't cool. Hoping they won't' notice is insulting.

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