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May 15, 2021 May 15, 2021

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very bad experience with Customer Services !!!

Short Story , i had 3 licneses for teams that has been renewed automatically without my permissions 

Adobe sent out an email notify me that they will renew the subscribtion a month before the renewall day

then i went to the admin portal to cancel the subscribtion cause we don't need it anymore , unfortinatly there was no way to do so from the admin prtal !! only message saying that i need to contact the support line , which i did , i Contacted them and ASKED Specifically NOT TO RENEW IT Also Asked To Remove the Credit CARD from the account  !! guess what !! surprisingly they did charged ME!!

Now i am fighting for the refund since March 2021 !!! every time i chat with customer service they open the case and permissing they will refund the money back within 5 working days , then nothing is happening so i go back to my cases and i found them already closed the case!! do you belive that!! closing case and marked as resolved !!! they did it 3 times so far !! now i have an existing case number ADB-19317920-S8L2 Gladly still opend at the time of writing this post 15-05-2021, previuose casess :




now i ended up paying interest charge on credit card!! something is hard to belive is happening with company such as Adobe! 

as an evidence i have all Chat Transcripts regarding this matter.

Your Adobe Chat Transcript For 5/14/21
** (5/14/21 3:50:09 PM BST): We'll connect you with an agent as soon as possible. For a faster resolution, please tell us
how we can help you today. **
** (5/14/21 3:50:13 PM BST): You are now connected to Jatin, who is reviewing your account. If you need to share
sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for your agent to give you steps to share it securely. **
You (5/14/21 3:50:33 PM BST): is anyone here ?
Jatin (5/14/21 3:52:39 PM BST): Hello, I'll be happy to help you with your adobe account. Please give me 1-2 minute while
I review your account.
Jatin (5/14/21 3:55:33 PM BST): Thank you for the time and patience! Under this account: haitham., you have teams license of CC all apps. May I know, how can I help you with your account?
You (5/14/21 3:55:53 PM BST): i don't believe that's happening with adobe !!!
You (5/14/21 3:56:08 PM BST): did u manage to read the case history ?
You (5/14/21 3:56:50 PM BST): this account is closed already and i am waiting for refund for a long time
You (5/14/21 3:58:52 PM BST): last monday had the call from supervisor and he confirmed the refund will take two days
and here we are today is Friday and nothing is happening !!
Jatin (5/14/21 3:59:26 PM BST): Let me check your case history so that I can get your concern in a better way and assist
you further. Please allow me a moment.
Jatin (5/14/21 4:02:02 PM BST): Just a moment... it's taking longer than I expected. I appreciate your patience.
Jatin (5/14/21 4:05:17 PM BST): Thank you for the time and patience! As I can check, your case has been escalated to the
dedicated team who is investigating your account to resolve the issue in regards with the refund. I would request you to
please allow us some time as the case has been escalated and we will update you about this via email.
You (5/14/21 4:06:24 PM BST): it's been for long time and i am paying interest charge !! how long should i wait for ?

You (5/14/21 4:07:42 PM BST): so why the case marked as Resolved ?
Jatin (5/14/21 4:07:45 PM BST): It will take few days and this issue will be resolved. I would request you to please allow us
some time as the concerned team is already working on your request. You will be updated soon.
Jatin (5/14/21 4:08:20 PM BST): Case is not resolved, your case id is ADB-19317920-S8L2
You (5/14/21 4:08:57 PM BST): this is for call back request
You (5/14/21 4:09:24 PM BST): all the cases since 25 Mar 2020 is related to the same issue
You (5/14/21 4:09:34 PM BST): and the have marked as resolved
Jatin (5/14/21 4:10:55 PM BST): That must have been done because we must have not received email from you. I would
request you to allow us some time as the case has been escalated.
You (5/14/21 4:11:53 PM BST): not sure what do u mean by must been done ? the refund never happen at all
You (5/14/21 4:12:52 PM BST): so what i am trying to say here , we have four cases closed for the same issue without
resolving the refund
Jatin (5/14/21 4:13:45 PM BST): I completely understand your concern. I was just referring to the case. As of now, this
case ADB-19317920-S8L2 has been escalated to the dedicated team and you can refer this case later. Please wait for
some time and you will hear back from us.
You (5/14/21 4:14:23 PM BST): when you say some time , for how long ?
You (5/14/21 4:14:35 PM BST): cause this is costing money

Jatin (5/14/21 4:14:56 PM BST): It will take a coupe of day and you will be updated in regards with the refund.
You (5/14/21 4:15:49 PM BST): in my life i have never seen poor costumer service like this before
You (5/14/21 4:16:05 PM BST): it's surely the first and the last ever

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Apr 28, 2022 Apr 28, 2022

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Hi @Haitham0D44 I see you never received any replies to your post nearly a year ago. Sorry about that! I trust your issue has been resolved by now.


For anyone else visiting this page, please note, this Community forum is public and provided by Adobe, but it is not the place for Adobe account support. We do not have access to your account information.


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The only way to contact Adobe to cancel your subscription or discuss payments is by chat or phone:


For chat support, make sure you are signed in with your Adobe ID.
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