Adobe promised me a refund, has only paid me 1/4 of the amount owed and is now ignoring me

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Nov 04, 2019 Nov 04, 2019

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After some discussion, the customer support agent agreed on a 12 month refund. When I asked her to verify the total amount, it was significantly below what it should be. I asked her to double check the maths, and she insisted that my maths were wrong and I should "do them again". I did this, and when I walked her through it she mentioned she left two months out. No apology or admission of error. 


Finally, we agreed on the amount for 12 months refund. A week ago, I saw 3 months refunded in my bank, but no indication of the remaining 9 months. I chatted with customer service today to figure out where the remaining portion of the refund is, and they're giving me all sorts of mixed information. 


First, the rep says he can't find the refund. He then says it was credited already. Later he says only 10 months was credited, but that for my troubles he would be "happy to refund an extra 2 months". I inform him that the refund was supposed to be for a whole 12 months from the very beginning - not 10 - and even so, I have only received three. He then assures me I received 10 months of refund, I assure him for the 4th time that I have not received more than 3 months, and the refund was meant to be 12.


Does anyone know what my course of action should be here? I'm going to try to take it up with my bank, but I can not believe how Adobe is treating this process. It seems dishonest at best, and fraudulent at worst.









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