Are CC update email notifications possible?

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Jan 08, 2020

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At our side we decided to go with a delay policy when switching to newer CC versions due to initial bugs usually crippling the creative process. So we turned off auto-updating in the CC app and just a few testers switch to 2020 before the whole department gets the OK.


This means in turn that all minor updates like 21.0.1 => 21.0.2 are also skipped. Naturally the possible update it is reported in the CC app with the update counter. But if you are testing just 1 of many on-hold updates, you may easily miss a minor bug fix this way.


I googled already for some time and searched the community but I am not sure anymore which information is up-to-date and relevant due to being years old posts or having a lacking description for my case. Can someone confirm if any of the following options will send me an email notification for any update release and which is the best approach:


  1. Following a CC app community - I see the new community has announcements for new updates but following a community will also send lots of other posts (is there a way to filter it simply without an email filter to prevent bad filter settings) and since I just noticed it, I am not sure how announcements are handled with following
  2. Subscribing to the secutiry notifications seems to only send security updates and not each update may have it
  3. Is this only relevant to the administrator account?
  4. Maybe simply monthly cheking the fix pages per app is, are updates always released in the middle of a month? No matter how I search Adobe's pages I can't find an update schedule/history log

Maybe I am overthinking it and the administrator has something like that already? But is it possible to have some kind of subscription for sa normal user besides the mentioned options?

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