Just Received Serial Code - "Something Went Wrong".....

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Mar 29, 2020

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After 48 hours - "Brand New" Activation code not working


I redeemed my 3rd-party purchased Acrobat Pro product code earlier this week and have successfully received an "active" serial code by email just 48 hours ago, yet all attempts to activate have failed. 


Correct Acrobat Product and License are being utilized "Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017"


3rd-Party purchase was for a macintosh Acrobat Pro (S&T) license but after validating eligibility it's stated to be Windows...


Regardless attempts have been made to.......

- Activate on a mac with prior Acrobat (after running acrobat cleaner tool)...

- Activate on Windows with no prior adobe installs....

- Installed a fresh macOS on additional drive and attempt a mac activation with absolutely NO prior adobe or acrobat.....


-------- this is just plain ridiculous Adobe


************** Pertinent Info **************

  • 3rd Party unresponsive to support request
  • Product actually purchased months, issues regarding a "serial" code, a "product" code, and an education "license" code.... well before current issue
  • At time of initial code reception from reseller a dmg (mac) and 2 exe (PC) files were received
  • Resellers mac install is identical to adobe download section version (both have been attempted)
  • Windows Acrobat Pro installer from reseller appears identical bundle of files
  • 2nd Windows file was licensing server program that had failed to do anything but "attempt to connect to license server has failed"
  • Previous issue is assumed to be moot as I have finally received a "serial" code for activation by different means than that P-O-S license tool.


************** Relative Info **************

  •  Hosts file is unmodified and system standard
  •  No proxy server utilized to connect to internet
  •  Internet connection direct through residential cable gateway, unsuccesful
  •  Internet connection through a consumer VPN service, unsuccesful















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