The Creative Cloud Free Trial is a Scam

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Nov 13, 2019

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A few months ago I signed up for the Creative Cloud one week free trial, but canceled before the trial period expired. Two months later I notice that I've been charged for two months of service. Checked my account information and guess what, there are no visible subscriptions in the 'plans' section and no invoices or anything else. I tried asking customer support chat and they said the service was under a different email than mine, but they couldn't tell me what the service was or what email it was under. I decided I had enough of that useless chat assitance and tried to call customer support, but here's the really fun part. They only allow 'paying customers' to call customer support! 


Finally after another hour chatting with someone in India I was able to get them to cancel the service despite not being able to tell me what it is or who signed up for it. I'd really like to get my $42 refunded and all my information deleted from their records, but at this point I highly doubt they are capable of making that happen. Definitely never buying anything from Adobe after this experience with their 'free trial' and I suggest anyone reading this do the same.

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