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Jul 21, 2022 Jul 21, 2022

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I had Acrobat for my college semester a few months ago and it worked great. I had configured all the settings to be as dark as possible as I can't stand white backgrounds, they hurt my eyes. I had the following settings set up: View > Display Theme > Dark Grey. As well as Edit > Preferences > Accessbility > Replace Document Colors > Custom Color > I had Page Background as black and Document Text as white. 


I was doing some more reserach for my upcoming semester and then Acrobat just stopped applying the second setting (The ones under Accessibility) to any of the recent PDFs I've downloaded. I checked my older PDFs that I used before and they worked fine, when I selected a different page or text color, they changed accordingly. But the ones I've downloaded within the past few days, from the same website ( as the ones from before, only have the first page with the black background and white text. Every page after the first is the standard white background and black text. I even tried making my own page background as a workaround. I downloaded a pure black PNG, went to apply it and it just doesn't show up. Also, the use high-contrast color or use Windows color scheme options under Accessbility do not work either for my recent PDFs. 


How can I change the page background to be black and the text color to be white despite those problems? 

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