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Adobe acroTray.exe issues: Part two:

New Here ,
Oct 18, 2023 Oct 18, 2023

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Greetings all:

Win11Ent_x64 v22H2, b22621.2428
MSOfficeEnt_x64 v2308 b16731.20316
Adobe DC Acrobat Pro v23.003.20269

While back I came here for issues with Acrotray.exe.
Each time I pointed over something in File Explorer itself, or opened File Explorer through Open File in all programs and hovered over a file:
Instant crash of File Explorer, even if used through a program.
Often the program in which I used Open File, crashed with File Explorer.
My solution was simple:
Head into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat, create a subdirectory called #AcroTray BackUp, drop the virus in there ...
Magic happened:
ALL crashes ended.

But ... .
Opening MS Words, trying to add a picture, or draw a textbox:
ERROR (see picture).
(I cannot attach a picture? Ugh. I'll link it from a storage site, then:)
https://imgur.com/XBFJrVI => MS Words AcroTray.exe Error Popup.
https://imgur.com/YRKGgPs => MSOffice: Adobe IS under MS Words.
https://imgur.com/uHZ9rGV => MSOffice Add-Ins: Adobe products not shown.
This means:
I can't turn off this virus in MS Words, and thus, I cannot work.

Already I am WEEKS behind on my work, not finding a solution.
I was told to "Go to Microsoft":
Went to the Support Forum:
No working answer found.
Contacted Support by phone:
They tell me:
Contact Adobe Support.

Figured as much:
Yes, the issue is NOT with Microsoft or MSOffice, but with Adobe's AcroTray.exe.
And this since many a year, that so many people brought this very issue up, yet, no fix was given.

My primary issue with this virus is:
It does not have to fire up with Windows startup!
That is pure madness, waste of resource.
After all, it's only function is to transfer one document format into an Adobe format.
Now, if AcroTray somehow is not active, and you do this conversion, Acrobat will fire this up by itself.
WHY then, I ask you, does Adobe make this virus start up with Windows startup?

When done, this virus stays active.
It's no longer needed, let it shut down, until one needs to do another conversion, and have it close down once again when done.
This is the logical procedure.
Not for AcroTray.Exe ... which keeps causing crash after crash, until you either uninstall whichever program from Adobe it came with.

There is another illogical manner in this whole issue that plays:
Adobe's DC Acrobat Pro ≠ MSOffice/MS Words!!!
Why then is there this dang dependency???
It surely is NOT made by Microsoft, as, MSOffice/MS Words works nicely without Adobe DC Acrobat Pro installed.
WHY then, I ask you, is, once Adobe CD Acrobat Pro IS installed, this issue pops up, and your Support Team then points to Microsoft being the culprit?
It is like me breaking a window, and then point to a cow in the field!!!

Many give the dead simple, logical, and sadly working advice:
Uninstall all Adobe Products.
But there sits my next issue:
I deal with a lot of PDF files as well.
Thus, I need Acrobat.
I also do Picture Editing; hence, I need Photoshop as well.
I therefore cannot uninstall these.

Once I moved the AcroTray.exe into this subdirectory, ALL crash issues went away.
Instead, like as if this virus takes revenge for this, my MSOffice burps up the AcroTray.exe error, and spams the popup, making it impossible to work on, until I closed MS Words, and restarted it by hitting the .DOCX file I was working on.

I need an answer, please.
I know there must be a line in Register, which creates this dependency in MS Words., but I cannot find it.
The Adobe Support Team does not help me, it points to Microsoft as culprit, REFUSING to accept the simple straightforward "Can't be, as, without Adobe, all works good. Only once Adobe installs, the issues begin. How then can you blame Microsoft for an issue caused by Adobe?"

The Support Team are nice people, but once you point them to the issue being made by Adobe, they go:
"Alarm, incoming fire, battle stations." and push me to go to Microsoft for a solution to an issue caused by an Adobe program.

I hope, I REALLY hope, someone can finally give me a working solution .... ?

Thank you, all.
Littlest me.

Crash or freeze , Edit and convert PDFs , General troubleshooting






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