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Jul 14, 2022 Jul 14, 2022

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I have an existing PDF and I am trying to insert a Word document into the PDF using the "insert pages" option in "Organize Pages".  I keep getting an error prompt that says "Unable to open the document" with the path name of the document I am trying to open "Please check to see if you have read permission for the above file".  


I am also getting the same error prompt when I try using the "Create PDF" tool in Adobe.  It seems as if the problem occurs when I am trying to convert Word to PDF using Adobe.  


I have done this multiple times on my work computer, but this method is not working on my laptop at home.  Work computer runs Windows 10 and my laptop runs Windows 11. 


Is the problem with my Word document, Adobe itself, or my OS? Please help!  I like not having to convert the Word doc to PDF and THEN inserting that PDF file into the other PDF file.  




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