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Sep 19, 2022 Sep 19, 2022

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i am furious with how adobe forces their customers to rely on other customers in a forum for technical support. i must state that outright because it is entirely unprofessional and especially despicable when one considers the cost of maintaining a piece of software that SHOULD just be purchased, downloaded and installed. instead it is held for ransom every month AND unless you have your computer on the internet so it can log in to your account, you cannot even use it!


case in point:

i have been on a retreat in a remote location for the past 6 weeks and had ZERO internet capabilities whatsoever. I was trying to get work done during this entire time and was unable to do one simple thing, which was watermark sensitive documents. the reason is because being off the grid, my laptop could not log in to verify my account, even though it is the same laptop i always used with my account.

i could not open documents, view documents, - nothing. all because i was not connected to the internet.

years ago, one would simply PURCHASE their software and install it. there was no endless need to login at all just to use it because it was bought and paid for and installed. updated versions would come but if you were not on the internet you could at the very least still use the software.

now, with adobe's push for endless payments, we have to give in to their blackmail enterprise but making it worse, we cannot even use it if not even on the internet!

---and this is for an installed piece of software, not cloud-based software---


alright, rant over- now for the stupid problem adobe is putting me through now that i am home and online again:


i have two computers, a desktop and a laptop. my license of acrobat lets me use it on two machines. fair enough. it is on both and always has been. that uses up my two licenses for acrobat.


but now, after 6 weeks of not using the desktop machine, adobe thinks it is a new computer that has no authority to use one of my acrobat licenses and wants me to 'sign out' of my desktop machine license to permit it to use it on this 'new machine'.


well adobe, here is a newsflash for you: the 'new machine' is the very same desktop machine you want me to sign out of, in order to use acrobat on this very same machine.


and even after doing so yesterday, i had to do it again today.


here is the aggravating process i had to go through TWICE in two days:


machine on, acrobat opens, connected to the internet and it wants to sign me in, instead of signing me in automatically as it always did in the past, i had to do so manually. strange enough.

but here is where the fun begins:

"we don't recognize this 'new device'. use your adobe authenticator app to verify yourself".

well, i don't have one. i have 6 authenticator apps and that is 5 too many in my opinion so i opted for the email me a verification code.

okay, so eventually it arrives and i use it and then have to enter my password and THEN it tells me that my 10 year old computer which has always been the same machine i always used for the same adobe account to run the same license of acrobat is for some reason a 'new device' and isn't one of the 2 devices allowed to use the acrobat license and therefore i have to sign out of the computer it is using to let the exact very same physical computer i am using have access to my acobat license.


how stupid is that?


well, hang on, so as vomitously insane as all that is, you'd assume i only had to do it ONCE and the same computer as always can then use my acrobat license, yes?


next day, i have to do it AGAIN.


and then the cherry on top; adobe has zero customer support. of course, why would anybody expect them to actually have anything like support for their pyramid scheme? silly me.



how in heck can i just get the one exact physically non-duplicated, only have this one desktop and single same old same old desktop computer to just be the one machine i always use and not have to sign in endlessly with all the nonsense of security codes and verifications and unlinking THE SAME MACHINE from my acrobat license in order to get THE SAME MACHINE to have access to my acrobat license!!!!!?????


what in the actual frak is going on here!?


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