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Jul 15, 2022 Jul 15, 2022

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Hi, i have a form that has layers, as well as fillable fields. I need the user to be able to fill out form, which will set the appropriate layers via button selections, sign and then send out. The problem is the layers selected via the buttons do not reappear on simple save/re-open, so the doc looks like it is missing info on open. The best solution i have found to retain layer states/fields is to have a button that prints to "Adobe PDF", where the layers remain. However, when using that function, it opens a new file but, i still need them to have functionality to email that newly printed to adobe pdf file. (fyi, i tried flattening but, it does not retain layer states)....Is there a way the button can trigger "print to adobe" but, when that new file opens, i can have a trigger somehow for them to easily 'mailto' with that newly created doc attached???








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