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Aug 24, 2022 Aug 24, 2022

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Hi there,


Trying to put together a loss control manual here at work. The way they did it a few years ago was by making a bunch of different word documents, converting them to pdfs, and making each one fillable (usually they just let adobe pick out the form fields and take out all the undefined fields here and there and add what adobe missed.) Then they would combine all the pdfs into one big manual with a clickable table of contents at the top to take you to relevant information in the 100+ page document.


The issue I have run into is that in combining all the pdfs, there are some fields with the same names. (For example, several of the documents include fields entitled 'date' or 'name.' And because they all were made fillable before combining, they merge once put into the same document. The only ways I can see around this are to either make a portflio (so they are seperated but still the same document) or to go through and painstakingly rename every since field to have an individual name (this would be very time consuming.) I also thought about making the individually documents unfillable, and then combining them, and THEN making them fillable. But, this would also take an obnoxious amount of time, especially considering how many files there are and how often adobe adds/doesn't add fields you need/don't need.


So naturally, I turned the pdf into a protfolio with several different 'appendixes', if you will. The issue I have run into now is that the table of contents that was clickable before, is no longer clickable and will not take you to any of the seperate portfolio pieces. I was thinking maybe somewhere out there in the support community somebody would have some way of editing the TOC links to be specific to the portfolio pieces (even if this requires some javascript, I am open to any suggestions.)


If any of you have tips on how to solve this clickable table of contents, pdf portfolio, multiple document, form fields MESS, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

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