Disable rendering during Window resizing in order to achieve acceptable performance?

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Apr 21, 2022 Apr 21, 2022

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Hi there.  I am using the Mac version of Acrobat Pro DC, and I only have an i7 quad-core 2.7 ghz with 16 gigs of RAM.  (Not sure of my GPU).  Regardless, due to Acrobat's poor optimization, this is not really sufficient horsepower to resize a window.  (No, it's not a software issue, this is a constant across multiple machines and multiple fresh OS installs.)


The problem is compounded by the fact that Acrobat constantly performs unwanted and intrusive window resizing which must then constantly be manually undone by the user.  Now, when Acrobat resizes a window, it gets to do that quickly because it can resize the window without constantly redrawing.  I would like that same privilege so I may more effectively counteract Acrobat's efforts to undermine my workflow and make it much more difficult and time consuming.  I need to resize the window, and i will not be attempting to read the contents of the window while I am resizing it, so frankly it's pretty stupid to waste electricity or put wear & tear on my hardware for this purpose.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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