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May 04, 2022 May 04, 2022

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I apologize for my horrible description. I will share the document that I am trying to create. So I am making a document that handles two types of calculations. The data that is needed to calculate both calculations have some overlap which is what I would like to try to extract to minimize double entry. 

Our technicians sketch out floorplans and most floorplans are not four walls. So our guys have to use boxes, rectangles and/or triangles and from there calculate out cubic and square footage. Multiple boxes, rectangles & triangles can make up one room so I was thinking of using a dropdown box that can have a number (1-15). 

For example the first 3 rows are all inside Room 1. So, the dropdown at the end of each row is showing "1" (with the value of 1) - Is there a way to have a running tally from the square feet row total entered into a text box named "Room 1 SF" based on the Dropdown selection that has "1" choosen. So those 3 rows with the Dropdown "1" - "room1SF" will total up those 3 rows. And if I changed one of the Dropdowns to "2" that square footage total will move to "room2SF". 

Again, I'm sorry if this is all over the place/confusing. I will include the PDF that might do a better job of describing what I mean. I appreciate all of your help & advice.








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