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Email associated with a different profile

New Here ,
Nov 17, 2022 Nov 17, 2022

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Hi, recently,  had a transaction with a company that required me to make an e-sign in Adobe. I received their email and a link  i email1. It required me to create an account and I did, only that I used my email2 (gmail). I then realized that the document they sent to me can be accessed to an Adobe account set using my email add 1. Then I realized I had to create an account using my email1 to access the document. I created another account, using ofcourse my name and email1 this time. First instance in went through. So I was thinking I now have 2 accounts for adobe with 2 of my emails. When I tried to log in to my adobe accout using my email1, it then showed the email is associated with a different profile. I suspected it refered to my account for email2. It prompted me to click company/school account but I do not have one. Now I am unable to access the documents sent to me by the company for e-sign because I am unable to open my account with my email1. I wanted to retain and not change my adobe account details associated with my email2. Can anyone provide a way for me to sort this out? Appreciate it. Thank you. 


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