Errors of Acrobat Pro DC make me crazy.. (double-click and internal error for highlight text button)

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Jun 26, 2022 Jun 26, 2022

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Hi, I'm trying to use Acrobat in Creative Cloud on Windows 10 (ver. 21H2 19044.1766). 

I previously used Acrobat reader until one day ago, and it has no error.

However, after installing Acrobat DC in Creative Cloud, many errors made me crazy.


1. Double-click error

When I use Acrobat Reader DC, it works fine.

.pdf files are opened well when I'm double-clicking. 

 However, double-click opening doesn't work after installing Acrobat Pro DC through Creative Cloud. 

I already did/checked

1) set default programs,

2) reinstall/repair, 

3) DC version, 

4) check registry, 

5) protected mode, 

6) PDF thumbnails preview,

7) file error,

but none of them works for me. 

In addition, "right click-open with Adobe Acrobat DC" and "right click-program-Adobe Acrobat DC" don't work, too. 

The only two ways to open the pdf file with Adobe Acrobat DC are that

1) "right click-Edit with Adobe Acrobat" or "right click-Combine files in Acrobat..." and

2) Open Acrobat Pro DC and open files.

If Acrobat Pro DC is opened, double-click opening works fine. 


2. Internal error occurred 

This error also occurred after installing Acrobat Pro DC. 

If I click the "Add sticky note"  or "Highlight text" button, it pops up the error message "An internal error occurred."

AND that message pops up again infinitely even though I click the OK button. 

The only thing I can do is open the task manager and shut down the Adobe Acrobat DC.

"Drag and add highlights" works fine.

I attached the capture. 


PLEASE PLEASE let me know how to resolve these issues. 


Best regards









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