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Excel to PDF real slow on our UK laptops, compared to US laptops

New Here ,
Nov 15, 2023 Nov 15, 2023

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Hi.. We have this real weird issue that we’ve had a long time now...

We have an Excel spreadsheet that has a macro and converts about 12 sheets to a PDF document. In the UK, the conversion takes over 8 mins. In the US, the same Excel file converts in less than 15 seconds.

Manually saving the sheets to PDF (not using the Macro) takes just as long.

We have tried everything to work out what the issue is, normally we just use the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ but have also installed Adobe Standard and used that, but that takes even longer.

We’ve tried changing every text/font in the spreadsheet to Calibri, in case it’s font related, but that makes no difference.

I’m convinced it’s an environment issue, is there any PC config that can cause PDFs to render slowly?

We are using Office/Excel 365 on both UK and US laptops.

Any suggestions welcome.






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