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Extracting and Naming PDF Document

Community Beginner ,
Apr 08, 2024 Apr 08, 2024

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I have prviousaly posted about this issue and I belive that I am going in the right direction. Let me explain, I have thousands of scanned PDF'S that I need to rename to a specific number. These PDF'S are OCR and the portion that I need read is Print not handwriting. I belive that I can have Adobe read the pattern of numbers and rename the PDF and then save it to a secific file based off the number that I extracted. The number pattern is simple always the same and only appears on the document once. Is it as simple as having JavaScript "Find number pattern" "Print" "File Save" Use Number" "Save". Obviously there is more to it but it should follow that pattern correct? My last question is could I run this at multiples, say I get 100 pages at a time? 

Any more indepth tutorials such as this but more for my issue?: https://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/how-save-pdf-acrobat-javascript/ 

Create PDFs , Edit and convert PDFs , General troubleshooting , JavaScript , PDF , Scan documents and OCR






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