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How do I assign different price values to Checkbox's in the same group.

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May 27, 2021 May 27, 2021

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My ultimate goal is to have my one product line listed  on the form with 5 individual products, where Total cost is relative to fixed costs * variable size i(nput into a field by the customer). Each of the 5 products have different fixed prices and each product offers customers input of numberical size.  Ultimatley my customer will select only one product (when one checkbox is selected, the others are unavailable), and then select the variable size for that product and a total cost is rendered.  Each product is mutually exclusive of the other products. So they can not select 2 products they must only select one.   If they change their minds and select a different product the check mark from the original choice is removed when the other checkbox is selected as well as the calculated pricing for the original product selected, displaying the pricing for the newly checked product.  Oh and one more thing the Customer must selected a product then size, the size option only becomes available if the box for that product is checked.   After a box is checked to select a product and then a size for that product, I need calculate the total cost based on the variable size and fixed cost for the product selected. I ultimately need to calculate Size * Cost = Total  with Size and Total displayed to the customer.  HELP!!!  I can make the checkboxes mutually exclusive of each other by naming then all the same then using if/else  but if all the checkbox's are named the same to make them mutually exclusive of each other, how do write the code to distinguish one Checkbox from another if each product has a different fixed price?


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