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How do I reconcile the two different docs so that "100%" looks the same in both?

New Here ,
Feb 16, 2023 Feb 16, 2023

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I don't know the right technical terms to describe my problem, so here is the scenario afflicting me:

I have a 3-page document where the pages, set at 100% in "Zoom", or with the little Looking Glass Icon, fit comfortably in the Program Window. IE, I can see most of the page and scroll a little if I need to to see the rest. (I can of course shrink or increase the visible size by percentages if I want to).

Someone scanned another page with a cellphone camera, and I need to add that page to the document. But that page is HUGE--at 100%, it's blown up and I can only see a small portion of it. IF I simply copy it over to the 3-page document, now I have a devil's choice: whether I change the percentage to see the first 3 comfortably, or see the new 1 page comfortably, it makes the other pages impossible to read comfortably. Some pages will be very small, some very large.

If I  "print" the page, that makes it normal size. But then file size gets much larger, which I always wish to avoid. (And if I "reduce file size" to address that separate problem, the image quality goes down. 

So: How do I reconcile the two different docs so that "100%" looks the same in both, when I combine them?

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