How to open a link in a second pane?

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Sep 14, 2021 Sep 14, 2021

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I know that it is possible to view the same pdf document in two different side-by-side windows!

But I have this document structured in this way:

A page (let's call it A) followed by one (or more) pages that I call A-1 , A-2 etc.


Page A contains buttons that links to certain parts of pages A-1 and A-2 (hyperlinks).

(And of course the document is large so it has Page B followed by B-1, B-2 etc.).


I am trying to have the same document opened in 2 different windows and when I click on a link in the first Window I want it to be opened/viewed in the second window of the document (and not the same).

It is possible? 

If yes..can I do the same with 2 separate documents opened in 2 different windows?

(For ex. I have pages A, B, C etc.. present on one document and pages A1,A2, B1,.B2 etc. On another document so when I click on links in the first document I see the link (the Page view) in the second Window refered to the second document..Basically I want the second document still opened but goes directly to Page B2 for ex. Just because I clicked on the link in page B present in the first document!).


If Adobe Acrobat can't do it, are there alternatives?


Thank you!!!

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