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Hyperlink default zoom settings (inherit zoom)

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Apr 30, 2021 Apr 30, 2021

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It would be very helpful if Adobe would address this issue with being able to set the zoom level of the hyperlinks within the pdf document to inherit zoom as a default setting. As explained by others (Set Default Link Actions (zoom especially) – Share your feedback on Acrobat DC (uservoice.com) it is a real pain to have to change all the hyperlinks in the document one at a time to accomplish a "inherit zoom" setting in a large pdf document that can have hundreds of hyperlinks. Using inherit zoom is a document standard that is required in many industries, so it is not just a preference that I personally prefer. I must use inherit zoom hyperlinks in documents submitted to the FDA. I have also read in other blogs that Legal documents submitted to courts must be filed using inherit zoom. I hope Adobe program engineers will recognize that there is a great need to have this functionality in their program. Adobe currently has not addressed (implemented) all of ms.TechWriters comments above. Adobe has only addressed the "Bookmark settings" and have not addressed the "Hyperlink settings" within the pdf...which causes the most pain and time to currently set in a document. Just for history completeness.. "PDF Zoom Wizard " is a free tool (2018) that can batch change the zoom level the Bookmarks only. Unfortunately for all of us it does not change the hyperlink setting inside the pdf document.

There is at least one software maker that recognizes this need and has developed a ADD-IN called "Debenu PDF Aerialist" ( https://www.debenu.com/products/desktop/debenu-pdf-aerialist/ ) that claims to be able to do what Adobe Acrobat cannot do on it's own. I am considering buying myself, but I work in a highly regulated industry and I cannot get IT to add new programs to our computer systems easily.

Video that shows the Add-in will add the functionality that Adobe Acrobat doesn't have built in and we wish Adobe Acrobat did include this functionality..



In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to quickly update all links in your PDF files so that the magnification setting is changed to Inherit Zoom for all ...
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