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JS: UI to reorder data in QR code?

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Jan 20, 2023 Jan 20, 2023

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Hey y'all,


I need help figuring out how to implement something a little crazy:

I have a newcomer's worksheet with a bunch of data on it. To make things easier, I'm compiling that data into QR codes to directly scan into our data system. Easy enough.

To make PDF maintenance easier, I had the brilliant idea to create a UI that our mid-user's can use to update the QR data order. I thought it'd be fairly simple. It has instead been a year of frustration.


An example of what I'm trying to do:

I have fields: "Name.Last", "Name.First", "IDNum", "Email", "Office".

Currently, the QR code spits out, in order: ["IDNum"+"/"+"Name.Last", "Name.First", "Office", "Email"]. These are joined with Tabs.

However, I don't control the system that takes it in, and that system is currrently being updated, which could result in a change of order. Rather than have the 16 different offices ask me for a new version each time the system is changed, I wanted to create a UI that allowed the offices to change the order.


My UI design has been limited to Drop-Downs on a Dialog or Page, as I can't think of any other way to do this. I've tried using these to create both an array of strings and an array of variable references, only to realize that I somehow need both. Variables to put into the QR code, and Strings to plug into the Drop-Downs.

Even more frustratingly, I need to also find a way to allow my mid-user's to combine any given Variable with another Variable or short string, like in the case of the "IDNum"+"/"+"Name.Last". (This outputs "1234/Smith"). This annoying bit is unfortunately important because the system I'm pushing data into mixed pieces of data together, as everything was expected to be manually entered.


The only concept I'm left with is to wrap all my data into Objects. Using properties like, {name, ddName, value, qrOrder} should allow me to handle everything right? 


I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas on this. Ultimately, I'm well aware that this is pretty insane. I'm going through incredible lengths because I'm tired of my hard work being discarded when I leave an office, despite offering to maintain or help with what I've created. I want a solution that's point and click.


Specific details:

20 total Variables, including "Tab/Skip" and " " (Blank)

"Tab/Skip" becomes an empty array element. " " (Blank) entries aren't included in the array.

QR code is created from an Array.join("\t") action

Mid-user means the office managers that distribute and action on the PDF forms, rather than the end-users.

JavaScript , PDF forms






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