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Language in form tags and paragraph tags: How to make two-language forms accessible?

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Aug 04, 2021 Aug 04, 2021

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to make some pdf forms accessible. They have one issue in common: we use both german and english descriptions for the text fields, which basically looks like this:

screenshot languages in forms.png

(Alternative text: Screenshot of a text field with a german and english description, both as normal text and as name and quick info properties of the text field.)


To make this accessible I tagged my document like a normal form. Then I tried to set the document language to "German" and changed the language of the english label tags to "English".


screenshot languages in forms 2.png



(Alternative text: Screenshot of the tag structure and how I changed the tag language of a specific tag.)


Two issues occured:


  1. Both NVDA and the internal reader of Acrobat Pro read everything with a German voice (NVDA is set to "Change language automatically (if supported)"). I wonder if this is due to wrong settings in NVDA or if I did something wrong in my language tagging.
  2. The form tags have been generated from the names of the text fields. Those names contain both German and English - is there any possibility to split that up in the tag structure, i. e. to generate two tags for the same text field? Or doesn't it make any sense at all and there is a much better solution?


In general I wondered how accessible such a multi-language form can be after all. Even if it formally meets UA and WCAG standards I wonder if I should change the design completely.


I am grateful for any advice.


Best regards


How to, PDF forms, Standards and accessibility







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