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License Agreement window keeps opening up, and the "Agree" button is not clickable.

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May 13, 2024 May 13, 2024

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AcroLicApp (Adoble License Agreement) windows opens and does not respond when “Accept” is clicked.  The Close button and “Quit” button respond and close the window.  The “Accept” button, when clicked, simply does nothing; doesn’t close the window, doesn’t give an error message.  It is not grayed out, it looks normal.    

This has come up on multiple devices in our work space, and it is not consistent on how often it happens.  Some people experience this around once a week, some experience it daily. 

Sometimes we only need to leave the window open, wait a few minutes, and then the button responds.  Sometimes waiting doesn’t fix it (or we didn’t wait long enough).  Opening Acrobat as an administrator does not get the window to pop up, but going back to opening as a “normal” user the window appears again.  A reboot is the only consistent way we’ve found to resolve the issue.  Our machines reboot every night, so scheduling a reboot is already happening. 

Things we have tried:

I see this as two problems, maybe they have the same solution?  First, the licese agreement windows should NOT be opening up again after Agree has been clicked.  Second, the “Agree” button should work. 

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