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Money hungry

New Here ,
Nov 21, 2022 Nov 21, 2022

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This is aimed directly at adobe,


I signed up for the free trial as I urgently needed something done and only adobe Acrobat would have been able to help. After activating the trial with my card details I was able to use it for a short time to do what I had to do.


After a period the trial ended as suppose to but here is were all hell is about to break loose, firstly I didn't have money in my account as well money is an issue, so of course no money was able to go out of my account. So the obvious choice to make is to cancel my subscription as I really canno afford to pay the amount Adobe wants as it is expensive, but what's that? Oh it's Adobe not giving an option to cancel because it wants money first. How does that even work? It is a subscription to a pdf editing software but yet I need to pay to cancel, now without me knowing I received a very very small sum of money into my bank as to buy necesary food to feed family members, oh and what do you know...ADOBE TAKES THE MONEY THEY WANT FOR THE BLOODY SUBSCRIPTION. No I have almost no money and wanting to contact them, I can't as they don't have an email, who doesn't have an email??? I can't phone because that would mean international calling...hellooooooo you took my money how can phone you from overseas? So here we are, this is not what I expected from a well known company...so tell me Adobe, what now???

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