Net.HTTP.request - Return SQL or REST API Query Results to Acrobat Forms

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Sep 05, 2022 Sep 05, 2022

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Using the most excellent code examples found on Thom Parker's site I created a PDF form that calculates a URL for a Net.HTTP.request to a PHP file that queries a MySQL database for a specific price.


The attached screenshot shows the Folder Level Automation script, the form, with results printed to the console for 3 queries with different sets of  parameters assembled from the form's drop-down meus. 




What is the best way to grab the value that is currently being written to the console and return it to a form field so it can be used in further calculations. 


Thom Parker's scripts and instructions can be found in the "Load Remote Data with HTTP" section in this post...


If this is possible to do it opens up an extraordinary range of options for interacting with SQL databases and REST APIs. Just sayin'.

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