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OTF/TTF fonts are being changed to Type 1 fonts in PDF but if Type 1 fonts are being discontinued...

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Feb 15, 2023 Feb 15, 2023

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Help! I've scoured the internet and nobody has adequately answered this question. My production team is noticing that all TTF/OTF fonts get changed to Type 1 fonts when we create PDF files regardless of our export settings. (No, this is not an issue with us having Type 1 fonts in the original ID/AI files; we have confirmed that we do not even have any Type 1 fonts installed on our systems.) This has been a nonissue in the past because Type 1 fonts have been supported, and my understanding is that it is the norm for fonts to convert to Type 1 in PDFs and there's no way around it. However, my team often opens PDFs in Illustrator and/or edits PDFs in Acrobat. If the fonts are automatically changed to Type 1 fonts when a PDF is created but Type 1 fonts are not going to be supported soon, does this mean we will no longer be able to open PDFs in Illustrator or edit PDFs in Acrobat?

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