PDF with embedded font is displayed as a mail attachment with standard font

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May 02, 2022 May 02, 2022

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I used InDesignCC to create a file with buttons that I then added text fields to in Acrobat DC and areas that can be filled with images in Reader using JavaScript - as a newsletter template for colleagues who only have a Reader.
For this I defined the font, size, style and colour and embedded the font.
The colleague did a test and was pleased that everything worked so well and then sent me the sample file. So far so good.

Now the problem:
When I download the file from my colleague and then open it, everything looks great.
However, if I display the file directly in the mail attachment, the font is changed (to a standard font?). I could probably set it up in my browser to display it correctly.... but I have no influence on how it is set for the subsequent recipients....

Is there anything I can set directly in the file so that it will always be displayed in the correct font, whichever way it is viewed?

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