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PowerPoint to PDF Form

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May 13, 2021 May 13, 2021

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I am in the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation to which I will add navigation links,  user input controls, videos and other media. I was going to use the PPT as both presentation and form. However, Macros and Activex controls don't work in PowerPoint online. I do have Acrobat 2020 and after driving myself to distraction trying to get PPT to do what I wanted, exported a prelininary file to PDF. Why didn't I do that sooner? Please forgive the rhetorical question.


The presentation will have text boxes, radio buttons and check boxes embedded in the information pages. In PPT, shapes will be converted to links for navigation (the buttons are rather ugly). ActiveX controls will be used for input fields. I have an idea how to go about this, but I need some help:

-the idea would be to share the PDF on OneDrive. The client would download the PDF and view and fill it out it in Adobe Reader (Windows, Mac orMobile).

-I have read that the form tool in Acrobat recognizes most fields created in other programs. True?

-can I open the file in full screen mode?

-can the presentation be set so that the only allowed user interaction is with navigation links and user input fields? Like kiosk mode in PowerPoint?

-the title page will have no fields; just a Next button. I would liketo code that button to turn off the coloured shading in the fields in the rest of the file as well as going to the next page. Is that possible?

-the videos in the original PPT did not export to PDF. I think I can embed the videos in the PDF. Can I autostart the video when the page opens?

-I noticed the links in the PPT were exported. Very good! Also like the transitions.

-there will be a reset button to uncheck radiobuttons and check boxes, blank out textboxes and go to the title page. Can I loop through the various buttons and boxes to reset, or do I have to code item by item?

-there will be a submit button. Can I email the PDF without the video to keep the size down? I would also want to put an instruction in there to reactivate the blue highlights for form fields.

-the PDF will be created on a machine with a 4k monitor. Will the PDF translate to phones or tablets? What about lower resolution screens?


If I'd been smarter, I would have tried exporting to PDF awhile ago. The export is faithful to the presentation slide structure and it seems that most everything can be recreated in the PDF.


I would appreciate some assistance with this. I don't expect it to be done for me. Rather if I can get answers to whether the various points will work and maybe get pointed in a direction where I can grab the code; that would be excellent. I am new to this and most of you reading this will have forgotten more than I'll ever know. I will apologize for abusing your good nature :), and thank you in advance for any help you have to offer.




JavaScript, PDF forms, Rich media and 3D







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