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"Create a single document from all the image files" omitting random files – and not even telling.

New Here ,
Jan 15, 2023 Jan 15, 2023

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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2002.003.20310

Mac OSX Ventura 13.1 (22C65)




Frustrating issue because of the problem itself, and because it makes necessary to check if Acrobat did what it was supposed to do.


I rely heavily on Acrobats function "Create a single document from all the image files". Earlier i used Apple own Preview app, but the steps are contraigning, and i need Acrobat for OCR anyways as a later step.


My process is the following:


1) Send a certain amount of images (JPG og PNG) to Acrobat (drag and drop from Finder).

2) Click yes when asked "Create a single document from all the image files"

3) Wait for Adobe to do its jobb. Black and blue progess bar at the bottom of the screen and annoying blinking grey warning box flashing "progress" until the process is done

4) Apply OCR or any other edit.

5) Save, etc. Default name created by adobe is then "Untitled"


The problem is that Adobe often doesn't includes all of the selected images, and doesn't even notify the user of this, during and after step 3. No error message / warning, the created file can be saved and / or further edited. Which means i potentially created hundreds of documents, where random images are missing, without a way to know what documents and what files it may concern. In many case are the original images deleted for obvious reasons – the created PDF was supposed to replace tons of images from my computer. Now that I now I can't trust the program, i can easily see (but I should not have to do that) that files are obviously missing when the task bar of Adobe, during combination processing, displays the first page of the document to be created, entitled for instance "Untitled xxx of 273" [the PDF names itself as the first file to be processed, in this case file 1 out of 273 exported from LR], and a growing amount of pages displayed as "1 of ....", which when the process is done, happens to be in that case... 268.


Concerning the issue itself – randomly omitting files: 


Obvioulsy it is not a case of the user selecting the wrong amount of files. In MacOS the number of files moved that way is clearly visible in a red bubble. If I use Adobe's menu "Combine Files", when the finder window appears and files can be selected, it also clearly states how many files get selected.


The images files are usually photos taken from the same camera or even screenchots, anyway the always have the same source, have the same resolution / size, and when they have been prosessed earlier in the flow, has such processing been done in a single and same program, like Lightroom. As such i see no reason why the source of the problem be some of the files / images themselves (and not all of them).



Now for the twist:


I tried another way...


1) Open acrobat manually

2) Tools > create PDF > multiple files > combine files > add files and select exactly the same files via the finder window Adobe triggered > add files > combine

3) Mosaic library kind of view with progress bar blue on grey at the bottom, no tally visible before end of process

4) End of process: All pictures are included in the created document (!!!), that Adobe names "Binder1".


Drag and drop is easy and spares time and steps. So I'd like it very much if it was working as it should, and moreover, that Acrobat notifies when enountering errors.





Create PDFs






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Adobe Employee ,
Jan 16, 2023 Jan 16, 2023

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Hi thomasm45683027,


Thank you for reaching out.


Would you mind sharing the screen recording of the complete workflow that does not work?

Did you check if it happens all the time, or have you experienced this recently?

Try creating another PDF with a similar workflow, and let us know how it goes.

We will try to reproduce the issue if you could share the sample files you used to create a PDF.








Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
community guidelines