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"Retain Original Color for Signature" setting in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2024

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Mar 26, 2024 Mar 26, 2024

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Where is the "Retain Original Color for Signature" setting or equivalent in the new Adobe Acrobat Pro (version 2024.001.20615)? I want my graphic signature to insert with the original color in the image, not to change to one of the 18 preset colors in the Adobe color palate. This used to be an option before; but in this newer version of Adobe Pro it seems to have been replaced with "Keep signatures black," -- a pointless option since you can already set the color of whatever object you're about to insert (including a signature) through that very setting. The other option -- to create a signature form field and insert a graphic or graphic/text combo image using your file -- also isn't perfect because it shrinks the signature to the size of the field, and increasing the size of the field results in covering overlapping content under the image because you don't have the option to arrange the signature image to the back. The closest workaround seems to be to insert the image file through "Edit a PDF," but then Adobe doesn't recognize the file as having been signed so it won't automatically prevent further editing. So, is there a way in the latest Adobe Pro (2024) to insert a signature in the original color of the image in a way that also allows one to adjust the size, location, and arrangement of the signature image?

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