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Removing specific text objects from multiple pages (Content pane and Preflight)

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Aug 02, 2021 Aug 02, 2021

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I was hoping someone could help me with trying to delete specific objects that are text from multiple pages of a PDF.  They are essentially Batch Stamped numbers at the top right of the page.  I could manually delete them by using Edit PDF > selecting the object and hitting delete or go to the Content Pane in the navigation area and finding each object there and deleting but if it's thousands of pages, I don't to go to each page to do that.  I played around with Preflight and created a fixup but there were times were it removed more objects than expected and I couldn't tell what it removed.  So I have a few questions.


1.  Is there an easier way to just find all the Form XObjects > Select them then delete?



2.  If I do use Preflight Fixups, is there a way to specify a specific Font name?  I tried to type just Arial but it doesn't work, if I remove the font name criteria, the text size and TrueType checks work.  You can see the properties of the objects below.  I used the Object Inspector from Output Preview to find this info.



3.  If I do have to use Preflight, is there a way to have a report that shows what it removed from each page?  I was able to create a report but it only shows one line that says how many objects were removed but at the top it says no errors found.  No details.  Just want to make sure nothing is removed isn't supposed to be.


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