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Apr 16, 2022 Apr 16, 2022

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I have an Adobe-supplied script, that combines separate postscript files into a single pdf as part of a batch test grading process. I produce the postscript files by printing Excel spreadsheets using  Adobe's printer driver. I'm working on Windows 10.


When I use to combine the ps files, Distiller says "Warning Empty File: No PDF file Produced.". The log file shows that it found the ps files. If I double click on each ps file separately, Distiller produces a PDF without any problem. has worked from around 2000 when I first received a copy from Adobe tech support.


I reinstalled windows on my computer and then downloaded Acrobat Pro DC on April 15, 2022 which included Adobe Printer Driver version . Prior to this version, if I didn't turn off the "embed system fonts" option, Distiller would warn me to do that before Distiller  would combine the postscript files. This version of distiller did not issue that warning. In the end, it made no difference, with "embed fonts" on or off, Distiller wouldn't process the postscript files.


I've attached which amended to refer to the two postscript files I'm trying to combine into a single pdf. I've also attached two ps files which individually will produce PDFs.


Here is the log file that results from feeding to distiller.

Start Time: Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 11:36:41
Destination: C:\gdrive\autograder\washington\2022.04.15\packet.pdf
Adobe PDF Settings: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\Standard.joboptions
C:\gdrive\autograder\washington\2022.04.15\_test_KLEE ZZZ
C:\gdrive\autograder\washington\2022.04.15\_testkey_KLEE ZZZ
%%[ Warning: Empty job. No PDF file produced. ] %%
Distill Time: 00 Hour(s) : 00 Minute(s) : 00.62 Second(s)
**** End of Job ****





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