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Apr 29, 2022 Apr 29, 2022

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Why doesn't acrobat recognize the folder from which a file is made and go THERE to save as?  For example:  Let's say i'm in a folder at this location:  Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_1 and I open a Word document, make a minor change and save as pdf.  Instead of going to the location where the word file lives (Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_1) it wants to save in a default location.  Then I have to click around and navigate endlessly (let's say i have to do this A LOT.

It does remember the LAST folder where i did a save as PDF.  but why not capture the CURRENT folder where the WORD file was located?  For example,  I'm in Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_1 and do a save as PDf and navigate to that described above.  I then go to Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_2 I open another Word document, make some changes, and hit save as adobe pdf.  NOW it does not go to a default location instead it goes to the previous save location (Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_1!!!)  then i have again navigate to Desktop/somefolder/a folderinside_2.


WHY OH WHY NOT just capture the foler where the word file lives and use that as the save as location without making me spend HOURS every week navigating folders - what waste of time!

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