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Scale to vertical page with preflight

New Here ,
Mar 13, 2024 Mar 13, 2024

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Is there a way to scale pages in preflight to height & width rather than corresponding short & long edge?


I've just figured out how to use preflight to scale pages to my desired size, and it works great! The only problem I have is I don't always want the short edge to scale to short edge. I prefer all of my pages be oriented vertically/portrait (I find it nicer to read in 2 page view), but if I'm scaling a picture that's 17" wide & 10" tall into a letter size page, I want the picture to come out 8.5x5" rather than 11x6.5". Is there a way to scale to strictly vertical pages/ without Adobe automatically determining if the page should be portrait or landscape?

I have to do this regularly/multiple times a day, with pictures & documents of varying sizes & dimensions, so I'm looking for a solution that can be easily & generally applied rather than having to adjust for every scenario. I'm also using Acrobat Pro if that changes anything.


I've been wracking my brain over this for hours now, so I'm open to any suggestions 😅

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