Tagged annotations - failed in an otherwise perfectly remediated PDF.

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Sep 07, 2022 Sep 07, 2022

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First, all the links have their correct OBJR tags. If I try Find Umarked Annotations, there are NONE.

The first time I ran checker it gave me 8 annotations (links) failed. All but one were tagged correctly.

The next time I ran checker, came back with 98 annotations (links) failed. When I highlight each element, it gives me the option Show in Content panel. Fine - there it is, the Link, under Annotations. From there, when I try to Show in Tags panel, it tells me there is no tag (liar). SO, I go into Tags, find the link, see it does indeed exist, is tagged properly, does indeed have it's OBJR tag. Completely baffled.

Next time I run the checker (why? I don't know, out of ideas), ALL 371 links in this document are NOW failing. 

Am I mssing something obvious?? Been remediateing PDFs for years, and this is now the 3rd document that has done this to me - anything to do with the latest update in August, perhaps? H E L P!


I will add that this is only happening to PDFs that have been distilled from Word. And it doesn't seem to matter whether I use the distiller in Word, or if I Save As PDF (which does seem to be the go-around for the ugly tables issue). And yes, Word IS the bane of my existence.


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