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Tips for exporting data to Excel?

New Here ,
Dec 13, 2022 Dec 13, 2022

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I have a PDF (not created by me) that when exported to Excel will tend to break up data that should logically be on the same line.  I understand it is not easy to accommodate the range of possible PDF designs when exporting, but I'm looking for whether it is worth spending time to try re-formatting the PDF before exporting, or if I should just go ahead with the already exported spreadsheet and try to fix it there.


Unfortunately, the data is sensitive, so I can't upload the document.  Instead I'll attach a few made up examples using the same formatting, and I'll try to describe some of the issues that might be fixable on the PDF side.



  An Agent Name column usually fits the full name on the same exported row, but where it doesn't, I notice it is composed of two bounding boxes.  Can these be easily merged somehow?  Is it possible change the width of these columns?  The same issue occurs with Agent Phone, but strangely doesn't with Office Phone, the latter of which has only one taller box instead of two.  Another bad actor involves the last three columns, which are often merged into one result, that's Type, Status, & License.  


One thing I experimented with was using a very thin font, one called Bodoni MT Condensed did manage to fit the office ph. number onto one exported row.  It seems, then, that if I could merge the other split boxes then I could apply the same font and save a lot of time.  Finally, if a name is the last entry on a PDF page, it flat out won't export with the rest of the records.  That was the case until I applied the Bodoni font to an entire page, and then it did appear, only it was the entire row's worth of data merged into one cell.


One other possible space saving measure I've considered is to Find & Replace all instances of the three separate boxes that contain MLS and BOARD with MaB, then in Excel I could replace MaB with MLS and BOARD.  The problem once again is that I don't know how to join the boxes.

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