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Trying to print an A3 page with two A4 papers only

New Here ,
Aug 21, 2022 Aug 21, 2022

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So I am trying to print something, and it is important for the size to be accurate. The file I want to print is in A3, but since my printer can only print A4 papers, I want to try to print the file out with two A4s instead. I tried to use the poster function when I print, but I will end up having to use 4 pages to print it instead of 2 pages. I can reduce the size of it down to fit into two pages, but then everything on the pages will not be accurate.

I tried to just print it without using the poster function, but it will only print the left side of the page. I rotated the page by 180%, and the print preview displayed the other side of the page (upside down). However, when I print it, it still gave me the original left side of the page.


I tried looking through the forum and saw some people discuss this, but everyone's solution (that I found) was to reduce it down so it fits into two pages. I'd appreciate if someone could enlighten me, so I can stop printing 4 pages and cutting out basically half of the unprinted paper.

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