Unable to delegatedly sign a document with signature request

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May 31, 2022 May 31, 2022

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I used to sign documents on adobe document cloud just the same way I'm doing now and not having success recently.


Firstly, another company sends me an agreement with signature request usign their adobe sign account, as they have the Acrobat subscription. The request is actually sent to an email address which is an email group, so that other people in my organization receive the notification and sign it.


adobe sign email.PNG


After that, I click on the email button saying "Review and sign", which redirects to the Adobe Doccument Cloud login page and so I insert my personal account info (which has different email address from the notified one) in order to logon. Then it goes to Adobe Doccument Cloud homepage / dashboard.


adobe login1.pngadobe login2.PNG




After, I need to click the email link again in order to go to the signing page already authenticated. The following page is then displayed stating I'm logged in with a different account from the one the agreement was sent to. And it asks me if I want to see it and sign using this email I'm logged in (personal email I intetionally use, delegating the signing).


adobe delegating screen.PNG


Then I choose yes and it displays the following error page saying it wasn't possible to perform my request and suggesting to try again later. The page has the following error code: 220531112129611.app-b21


adobe error.png


I've never seen this problem before, as I always signed documents this way and everything was fine. But recently, I'm facing this problem and after contacting Adobe Support, they didin't help me very well.


If there's someone who have already had this error or has suggestions to solve it, I would be thankful for sharing ideas.

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