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unfilled digital signatures convert to text when pdf is combined

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May 01, 2024 May 01, 2024

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I'll explain the need I have, and then the issue I've run into:

Currently I'm designing the workflow for a leasing office that needs to prepare multiple leases daily for tennants to sign. I have two PDFs, the first is a downloaded and flattened pdf file which is specific to each tennant and the second is a fillable form which is the same for all tennants and contains fields for initials, signatures and other text and checkmark fields.

What I'd like our leasing team to be able to do is download the first (flattened) form, then combine it with the fillable form and immediatley send it to tennants for signing.


The issue I've run into is that when I combine the first pdf (or any pdf) with the fillable pdf, the signature fields in the fillable pdf are converted to text fields. Right now our leasing team has to delete those fields and then put in fresh signature fields for this process to work. When they're working through many leases throughout the day, this process becomes monotonous and error prone. 

I have done A LOT of reading through forum posts and checking different solutions for this issue, but have found none. I also double checked that the signature fields on the fillable pdf work correctly when they are sent before being combined with another pdf (they do). 

I believe this may be related to another feature which invalidates signature fields when pdfs are combined after they have already been signed (to prevent malfeaseance/ applying signatures to documents which are altered after signing). I'm combining these documents before signing.

so to re-iterate, E-signature fields are converted to text fields when the pdf which they are in is combined with another form. 

Thanks for your help!

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