Using Create PDF in PowerPoint - Accessibility Tagging Issue

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Jul 31, 2022 Jul 31, 2022

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Since I could not find anywhere to post feedback, I'm using this forum.  When using the Adobe add-on in PowerPoint to convert to PDF:

1) The slide titles never get consistently converted to "Heading" tag.  They get converted to a variety of "Heading #" types.  This cause errors when doing the accessibility check in Adobe Professional and I have to manually change all tags to "Heading".

I don't know why this happens but it would be helpful if all PPTX text that is identified as Title would consistently select "Heading" as the tag type.

2) When opting to have speaker notes added as part of the conversion, they are added as Annotations.  Accessibility check flags them as failed.  It would be great if the conversion logic automatically identified the added icon/link as "additional" text to remove the Tagged Annotation failure.

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