Using Data Validation to change the format of another Form Field

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Mar 28, 2022 Mar 28, 2022

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I was wondering if there's a way to change the format of a form field based on the selection of another form field (drop down).

I'm a newbie with this, and I figured the community would be able to solve my question:


I have a dropdown field called "Type", with 2 options (Clearance and Regular).

I want to change the format of a field named "Price" to 2 different custom formats depending on the selection of the dropdown.


As for now, I have a custom validation text in the "Type" field as follows:


if(event.value == "Regular"){

this.getField("Price").textColor =

}else if(event.value == "Clearance"){

this.getField("Price").textColor = ["RGB",237/255,28/255,36/255]



I also have a custom format Script for the "Price" field as:


var str = event.value;


var spans = new Array();

spans[0] = new Object();

spans[0].text = "was $";


spans[1] = new Object();

spans[1].text = str;

spans[1].strikethrough = true;

event.richValue = spans;}


What I wanted to do was tweak either one of the scripts so that the text preceding the entered value in the "Price" field to be "was $" when "Clearance" is selected in the dropdown, but change it to be "compare at $" when "Regular" is selected.



Any help is appreciated.

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