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What is the current state of videos embedded into PDFs?

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Feb 18, 2024 Feb 18, 2024

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A couple of years ago, more or less, I engaged in an extensive dialog on this site involving what had been the horrible state of videos embedded into PDFs - both the process of embedding them, and the result produced. The situation has improved since then, but still leaves much to be desired. The purpose of this note is to ask for a 'progress report', and what the future is likely to bring. For example, is the new proposed Acrobat interface (for designers of PDFs) still 'hotly debated' as it has been described to me as being?


At the present time, using my current installation of Acrobat Pro, which declares itself to be "Version 2023.008.20533 | 64-bit", embedded videos open in a floating window, and one can play them, and replay them without having to close them and re-open them each time as was necessary in the past. But one can do nothing more. There is no scrolling ability, as could be imploemened by the arrow keys or by a draggable cursor, and no slow motion. Plus, about half the time it keeps its position on the final frame when  the video clip is finished (a very important feature for my users), but also about half the time - and randomly as far as I can see - it jumps to a black screen instead.


Hos soon are there likely to be any future improvements? The ability to scroll and to remain on the final frame are the ones that my users particularly need. There is a draggable cursor already provided, which suggests that this is planned for the future, but at present it has no effect. If these are not forthcoming fairly soon I will be forced to link to my videos in external folders, which users will have to download along with the videos. This will involve hundreds of links to particular long paths inside a single big folder (so as not to drive users mad keeping track of a great number of small folders).


Thanks for your help and advice.

Peyton Todd 


Create PDFs , Modern Acrobat , PDF , Rich media and 3D






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