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A blank screen unexpectedly emerges at the top causing Acrobat to become unresponsive on Mac OS

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 08, 2023 Aug 08, 2023

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Problem: A blank screen is visible at the top of the Acrobat window. 


When using Mac OS, you might encounter a situation where a blank window overlays the Acrobat application window, preventing the closure of Acrobat. This problem seems to arise on Mac OS setups that include dual monitors, especially when one of these monitors is a retina display. 






Follow these instructions to address the issue: 

  1. While the blank screen is in focus, press the "Esc" key. 
  2. Detach the secondary monitor, then relaunch Acrobat. 


Additional information 


In a setup where you have two monitors, one of them being a Retina display (high-quality) and the other a regular display (non-High DPI), an issue arises with the appearance of Acrobat dialog boxes. These dialog boxes, where you perform actions like opening files or adjusting settings, become distorted on the regular display. As a result, users find it difficult to interact with them, and it seems as if Acrobat/Reader is unresponsive or frozen. 


Link a computer with a regular display (non-HiDPI) to a computer with a high-quality display (HiDPI). Start Acrobat on the high-quality display computer. Open any dialog box in Acrobat (CEF) and drag the window to the regular display computer. The view of the dialog box window becomes distorted. 


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