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[Action] Filing Formal Complaint on Deceptive, Forced Installation of McAfee, Who's With Me?

Community Beginner ,
Jul 22, 2022 Jul 22, 2022

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This is totally ridiculous, I cannot believe a large brand will commit simple mistake like this, Adobe installer is deceiving its users who entrusted the brand, this is how the installation journey is currently designed besides delivering the Acrobat Reader DC:


1. Landing

  • Adobe’s website provides transportation to deceive user that the installer only provides the installation of Adobe Reader


2. Post Download

  • no explicit terms to notify user before installation
  • no any clear options to let user uncheck McAfee installation

3. Installation

  • my installation of the Acrobat Reader was being abandoned due to having Acrobat Pro DC being installed whereas the installer still proceeds to instell McAfee
  • clicking "Yes" when confirming cancellation does not stop the installation process


4. Post-Installation

  • McAfee performs auto scan after installation, meaning unauthorized access to ALL user’s machine files, possibly riding on the permission granted at the beginning of instellation.
  • McAfee change operation system settings without ANY user permission, possibly riding on the permission granted at the beginning of instellation.
  • McAfee is tricky to delete.


Even software from China is behaving better then this, I have all the screenshots avaliable in attachment


After reading related posts being ignored since 2012, with 4 similar suggestion being filed in uservoice ideabox since 2021, no **** is being given, I have been a loyal user / customer for almost 10 years, after seeing this, enough is enough, lets raise our voice to MAKE THEM LISTEN.


Action 1: Like, comment, share this post

We need more attention from the community and group everyone together to make bigger voice, your likes, comments and shares on this post (refer users with similar concerns to this post) will bring wider concern within the community.


Action 2: Comment, upvote the idea and mark as critical

Idea link here: [Click here to direct]

Their team usually addresses issues with most number of concern in priority, upvote and mark as critical will help them notice the complaint and handle in timely manner.


Action 3: Upvote all similar ideas, or even raise your own complaint in different channal

More complaint = higher priority to handle, you know the trick.


Below is my complaint letter, for your reading:



[Formal Letter of Complaint ADB-25351998-L] Deceptive, Forced Installation of McAfee wo User Consent & Unauthorized File Causing Machine to Crash


I am a Creative Cloud All Apps annual plan subscriber since 2 years ago, here by writing to file my formal complaint regarding to Acrobat Reader DC installer (downloaded from here in the first result from Google: https://get.adobe.com/tw/reader/) forcefully installing McAfee to my machine with NO EXPLICIT TERMS TO NOTIFY USER before installation NOR ANY CLEAR OPTIONS TO LET USER UNCHECK MCAFEE installation, my installation of the Acrobat Reader was being abandoned due to having Acrobat Pro DC being installed whereas the INSTALLER STILL PROCEEDS TO INSTALL MCAFEE.

Several attempts has been made to terminate the installation, however, every time after CLICKING YES IN CONFIRMATION SCREEN DOES NOT STOP INSTALLATION.




The installation of McAfee is unauthorized, forceful without user consent, deceptive as there is no indication prior to installation as captured in image 1, 2 and 3. In summary, (1). Adobe’s website provides transportation to deceive user that the installer only provides the installation of Adobe Reader, whereas (2). Adobe’s installer provides method to allow installation of McAfee and allow (3). McAfee’s unauthorized access to ALL user’s machine files and (4). change operation system settings without ANY user permission (5). RIDING ON THE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS requested upon installer startup, given by the deceived, naïve user like me, in this case McAfee is considered as malware in this regard, no matter how effective it is to clear other malwares.


This is a clear breach of trust, as a loyal customer of using your software for more than 10 years, this is very disappointing and discouraging to think after paying a fortune what user will gets is being infiltrated by trusting a loved brand and being a supporter for so long. It is found difficult to NOT feeling concern on Adobe’s integrity issue from now onwards when installing software updates or reinstallation on all my purchased products. This incident is making the public to concern your firm has very limited or no internal regulation to handle what to include in software installation packages, without proper explanation and promises to the public, users are at risk no matter they are paid customers or not.


If customers’ honest feedback is not a concern as 4 feedbacks regarding to similar topic has been submitted since March 2021 with NO action from Adobe, this item clearly being tagged as low priority by the product team. To help with the justification for prioritizing this item as high risk, perhaps the compliance team may also be interested in looking at federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”), 18 U.S.C. § 1029 and 1030, which states (a). unauthorized access (or exceeding authorized access) to a computer that is used in interstate or foreign commerce and obtaining information, (b). infection (suitable to include unauthorized installation) of IT systems with malware and (c). any other activity that adversely affects or threatens the security, confidentiality, integrity or availability of any IT system, infrastructure, communications network, device or data, can be included in the criteria to law breach. For foreign users, the USA PATRIOT Act amended the CFAA and Access Device Fraud statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1029, to expressly apply them extraterritorially.


I have reported this issue once in virtual chat service and explicitly stated to file this as a formal complaint. As instructed by the customer service representative, this is the only effective channel to file my formal complaint, this is the case reference number ADB-25351998-L4J4, my call handler promised his / her assistance to track the progress of this complaint closely.


Active follow up in timely manner is kindly demanded and please provide further updates with solid action plans by 1st August 2022, otherwise further action will be taken to raise the concern and attention further for Adobe’s prioritization. For your kind note, I and my friends are considering unsubscribing with deep disappointment.


For any further materials required please let me know, will be more than happy to provide, thank you very much for your attention.


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