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Adobe Reader not copying symbol fonts corectly

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Nov 21, 2021 Nov 21, 2021

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I have a PDF containing a table with symbols from two different fonts (Courier New and CrossStitch3).
This PDF is in fact a cross stitch chart exported to PDF via virtual printer (BulZip).


Please notice the symbols in the red rectangles evidentiated by me.

I select the entire page, I copy (either CTRL+C or select Copy from the little menu that pops-up after finishing the selection) and then I paste the copied page in MS Word 2016.

In MS Word 2016, the copied chunk looks like this:


As you see above, there were some symbols replaced in the last row, even tho the same symbols exist in their correct form in the row abobe (the black `hexagon` became the `fish spine`, the greek symbol is replaced with two symbols -black circle and fish spine-, the half black half white square is now a flipped T, the black square with white circle in the middle became an U). 


I thought that maybe the problem is in Word, but then I opened the same PDF and tried copying the same chunck with another PDF reader, and there was only one symbol being replaced, not so many. I could use that PDF reader but when I tried copying the whole page, it pasted as Unicode and did not remember the formatting.

 I do this copying from PDF to Word in order to obtain a specific type of file using some other software, and in order for that, I need the copy of those symbols without the table. This process is usefull for me in a cross stitch app that helps me stitch faster on tablet.

I even tried using an older version of Adobe, like Adobe Reader 8, and the exact same problem happened.

So, why does this replacement happends after copying from Adobe to Word?

Is this a bug in Adobe PDF?

Any help would be appreciated!

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