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Can't open *some* .pdf attachements from within a PDF-file

New Here ,
May 12, 2023 May 12, 2023

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Hi community 🙂


I have a certain issue that is plagueing me and some of my colleagues.

We have an external tax consultant who is sending us pdf-files in a certain intervall. The PDF is password protected but can be opened just fine by every coworker and me.
Within this pdf-file, there are 3 attachements. All of these attachements are .pdf-files themselves. 

Now, the issue is. I, an some of my colleagues, can open the first of these attachements (size: 1 MB). The other 2 files (5 MB and 16 MB) can't be opened. 
Error message: "Adobe Acrobat cannot open the file attachment because your pdf file attachment settings do not allow this file to be opened" 

However, for some other colleagues, it works. They can open all the attachements. The files are not corrupt. Also, the settings are identical. Allow Opening Of Non-PDF File Attachments With External Applications is set to activated. 

Also, I noticed that when I list the attachements of the PDF-file for me, that one is listed properly and the 2 non-functioning ones are listed as unknown, if that is important. When I export the attachements, I get the same error. When I let the colleagure where everything works, extract the attachements, he sends them to me, I can open them just fine.

Does anyone have any clue as to why this might be ?
Would appreaciate the help! 🙂 

PDF and browsers , Security digital signatures and esignatures , View PDF , Windows






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