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Cannot save PDF file to original location

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Sep 23, 2022 Sep 23, 2022

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I have a user that loaded a PDF file from a SERVER path but when they try to save the file a “Save As” dialog appears.


The “File name:” is correct, but the Folder path at the top of the “Save As” dialog is NOT the original folder path.


Instead, it is the folder path to the last folder where they had previously loaded a PDF file from the LOCAL hard drive. For example, the folder path ends up being the user’s “Documents” folder.


As a result, they cannot save any changes to the PDF file to its original location.


The user is using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2022.002.20212 and modifying the PDF by applying a highlight annotation to a word. Using Windows 10.


I have no problems using the same type of folder path.


I thought perhaps there is some type of security preventing the PDF file to be modified.


Is there a document security property that can cause this behavior?


The path is a WebDav path and looks something like the following:



Again, I cannot reproduce the “Save As” dialog behavior.  I have no problem with WebDav paths. This happens for a specific user.


If the user loads another PDF file from a different local folder, example c:\test, then tries loading the file from the WebDav path, after trying to save changes, then the “Save As” dialog folder is c:\test.


Why can’t the user save to the original file and is default folder path behavior a clue?


Currently have Preferences -> General -> “Show Online Storage when Saving Files” NOT checked.


Also, another interesting thing is that if you go to the PDF document Properties, “Description” tab, then “Advanced” group box, you can see “Location:” showing the PDF folder where the file was loaded. If you copy the folder path, and paste it at the top of the “Save As” dialog, then the PDF file can be saved successfully to the original location.

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